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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Day Before

What a hectic day!!  Primarily worked all day on my client in DC.  I did also have an interview and was turned down.  Primarily because of my age my husband said.  This is the first time ever this has happened.  I have never had a problem with my age but I guess it is time.  In today's market place they want young and what ever.  Well I guess I will have to be stuck with my art.  What a shame........
Tomorrow is surgery again and I hope this will be it.  Only one day in the hospital and 3 to 4 weeks to recouperate.  Well at least my new boobs will not be too old.  Stay tuned next week.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our New Puppy

Well it is done.  I have selected the new puppy from my wonderful breeder.  Because of an act of God the first puppy we got, developed eye problems and is almost blind.  Well that does not hold her back.  She makes sure everyone knows she is in the room, and she has first dibs on any thing and everything.  She will have to be spayed soon, I can not breed her with the eye issues.
Juliette's mother's name is Run Around Sue one of my favorite songs from high school, wouldn't you know.  She is such a love bug and has really won my heart, not to memtion John Ed's.

Well the new girl is Elizabeth or Lizzy for short. 

Now I can not wait to get her in August.  Dylan our new gentleman really likes Juliette so we will see if he likes his new wife.  Dylan was born Novermber 4, 2010 and is a very speical boy. Juliette was born 1/1/11. The older dogs all really like him and let him sleep in their beds at night.  Juliette still sleep with John and I probably for security. 

The breeders website is

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Artist in the MFJ Design Group wish to dedicate all of our work to Mary Francis Jarrett.  She was our inspiration.  We are all  grateful to her for being a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother who always encouraged us to excell and be creative.

That is where we got our name for our family art business of felted accessaries and polymer clay jewlery.

Opening Day on this Blog

Last week was a mind altering experience, I spend the week with 10 wonderful artist who did everything to share new ideas and good words.  I was at Shrine Mont, Virginia in western Virginia.   The room and table I shared was with the number one clay artist in the Universe who did everything to help me improve my art and expand my mind with her love and talent.  The other women were equally as inspritational.  I will be on this high for a very long time.