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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning September 16

Well I was going to be in Washington state this weekend working but it was cancelled for two weeks.  The "on again off again" travel makes it difficult to plan my personal life.  Well because I did not go last weekend I was able to finalize the packaging and other thing for my new business.  For any one that does not know I have launched a new business.  I am making Boobs out of air dry clay and having all my artist friends decorate them.  We will post information about the artist on our web-site and sell the decorated Boobs for $30, 50% of the proceed is going to be donated to two breast cancer groups.  I will post information about the groups later.  I sold my first boob this week.  It was decorated by a Partner at KPMG.  I have a picture of it but I have to figure out how to download it from my phone.  My partners in this project are my daughter Renee and Marie Segal.  Marie has been my inspiration.  See her blog at  Renee designed the logo above with the help of granddaughter Rachael.

Rachel paited this boob during her last visit.  It is not for sale.

Also I am going to show everyone my dishroom off my kitchen.  When I added on to my house over 10 years ago I wanted to make a room where it was easy to find dishes and glasses for the table.  But better yet near to the new dishwasher.  This room was orginally where the washer and dryer lived.  My friend Shelia and I plan to paint it this winter.  The builder did not finish the ceiling.  Things are a little messy but if we put thing away we then can not find them quickly and we are all too busy doing thing we love to do which is not cleaning up the kitchen.  I have a new friend at work and his wife requested this so I hope everyone enjoys these pictures.  Oh visit her blog

View from the kitchen of dishes and the airconditioner duct.  That is my hoosier with my son and his family on it.

View from the center of the kitchen.

Cup and glasses are easy access and you do not have to hunt for them.  I do not like paper cups and plastic glasses.

The rest of the kitchen...

I do pick it up some if we are having guest.  Well I better get busy, I want to paint some boobs today.

I will try to post tomorrow.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Septemer 2011

Well it been over a month since I wrote into my blogg.  I started a new job which has taken up most of my time.  I really like my new job because it is something I am really an expert in and the work is easy.  I also work with some very nice and talented people, lucky me. 

Dog update, I had Juliette spayed as she is really almost blind.  What a shame since she is truly a beautiful dog.  I traveled to Charlottesville again and got Lizzy.  Here is Juliette trying to figure out who she is and what is going on.   Lizzy is every bit a champion dog.  She fit into the pack the first day.  I did not even have to use the crate for her.  She is especially fond of the cats.  Who would have guessed. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday July 10

Sunday, another week has flown by....  It has really been a blurr for me.  Yesterday, I went to the Art Show in Shepherdstown at the Men's Club.  What talent all the member of the Over the Mountain Tour.  I forgot to take my camera so I do not have any pictures.  My friend Sheila, a fabulous stain glass artist was there.  Her work is getting better and better, I will have to get some pictures to share. 
I am excited because the tiger lillies are blooming.  They were my mothers favorite flower so it always makes me think of her sweet face. It was so very hot and humid here yesterday, it really made me get light headed.  I will be glad to get back to normal. 

Here are some pictures of my friends who seem to like me being at home for awhile.
Juliette who is six months old. 
Dylan who is 8 months old brings all his toys one by one to show me everyday.  What a joy he is!  Jacquie and Fogg 12 years and 14 years are sleeping while the other two are out playing.  Jacq is my dog and Fogg thinks she belongs to John, they sleep in everyday as long as they can.  He has to feed her separately because she has few teeth and has a special diet (soft food).

And Montgomery for Montgomery Cty Md. where we got him.  He is 4 years old and loves having such a pack to take care of.  He misses Mother also as he took care of her.  He is trying to take care of Renee but its not the same.  That is Fogg is the foreground.  I took these pictures yesterday and they are not edited. 
I wanted to introduce everyone so when I discuss them, all will have some reference.  Tomorrow Juliette gets spayed.  It really is time.  Dylan is tooo interested in her.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Two days after surgery and I am a little out of sorts.  This surgery hurt more than my knees, I hope it is the last.  I am lucky both Renee and Johnie are taking good care of me.  I really can not do too much as I am taking heavy duty drugs for pain.  I am not looking forward to the drug with draw.

It is 90 degrees and really muggy outside.  I was hoping I could use this time to organize my art studio but it may have to wait. 

These flowers are made from air dry Amaco clay, I did them for Frances's wedding flowers.  I do not think she carried them but they should last forever. I plan to work on my new Girl Friends business the next few weeks. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Day Before

What a hectic day!!  Primarily worked all day on my client in DC.  I did also have an interview and was turned down.  Primarily because of my age my husband said.  This is the first time ever this has happened.  I have never had a problem with my age but I guess it is time.  In today's market place they want young and what ever.  Well I guess I will have to be stuck with my art.  What a shame........
Tomorrow is surgery again and I hope this will be it.  Only one day in the hospital and 3 to 4 weeks to recouperate.  Well at least my new boobs will not be too old.  Stay tuned next week.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our New Puppy

Well it is done.  I have selected the new puppy from my wonderful breeder.  Because of an act of God the first puppy we got, developed eye problems and is almost blind.  Well that does not hold her back.  She makes sure everyone knows she is in the room, and she has first dibs on any thing and everything.  She will have to be spayed soon, I can not breed her with the eye issues.
Juliette's mother's name is Run Around Sue one of my favorite songs from high school, wouldn't you know.  She is such a love bug and has really won my heart, not to memtion John Ed's.

Well the new girl is Elizabeth or Lizzy for short. 

Now I can not wait to get her in August.  Dylan our new gentleman really likes Juliette so we will see if he likes his new wife.  Dylan was born Novermber 4, 2010 and is a very speical boy. Juliette was born 1/1/11. The older dogs all really like him and let him sleep in their beds at night.  Juliette still sleep with John and I probably for security. 

The breeders website is

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Artist in the MFJ Design Group wish to dedicate all of our work to Mary Francis Jarrett.  She was our inspiration.  We are all  grateful to her for being a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother who always encouraged us to excell and be creative.

That is where we got our name for our family art business of felted accessaries and polymer clay jewlery.

Opening Day on this Blog

Last week was a mind altering experience, I spend the week with 10 wonderful artist who did everything to share new ideas and good words.  I was at Shrine Mont, Virginia in western Virginia.   The room and table I shared was with the number one clay artist in the Universe who did everything to help me improve my art and expand my mind with her love and talent.  The other women were equally as inspritational.  I will be on this high for a very long time.