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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning September 16

Well I was going to be in Washington state this weekend working but it was cancelled for two weeks.  The "on again off again" travel makes it difficult to plan my personal life.  Well because I did not go last weekend I was able to finalize the packaging and other thing for my new business.  For any one that does not know I have launched a new business.  I am making Boobs out of air dry clay and having all my artist friends decorate them.  We will post information about the artist on our web-site and sell the decorated Boobs for $30, 50% of the proceed is going to be donated to two breast cancer groups.  I will post information about the groups later.  I sold my first boob this week.  It was decorated by a Partner at KPMG.  I have a picture of it but I have to figure out how to download it from my phone.  My partners in this project are my daughter Renee and Marie Segal.  Marie has been my inspiration.  See her blog at  Renee designed the logo above with the help of granddaughter Rachael.

Rachel paited this boob during her last visit.  It is not for sale.

Also I am going to show everyone my dishroom off my kitchen.  When I added on to my house over 10 years ago I wanted to make a room where it was easy to find dishes and glasses for the table.  But better yet near to the new dishwasher.  This room was orginally where the washer and dryer lived.  My friend Shelia and I plan to paint it this winter.  The builder did not finish the ceiling.  Things are a little messy but if we put thing away we then can not find them quickly and we are all too busy doing thing we love to do which is not cleaning up the kitchen.  I have a new friend at work and his wife requested this so I hope everyone enjoys these pictures.  Oh visit her blog

View from the kitchen of dishes and the airconditioner duct.  That is my hoosier with my son and his family on it.

View from the center of the kitchen.

Cup and glasses are easy access and you do not have to hunt for them.  I do not like paper cups and plastic glasses.

The rest of the kitchen...

I do pick it up some if we are having guest.  Well I better get busy, I want to paint some boobs today.

I will try to post tomorrow.

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  1. I love your dish room! Thanks for posting to share with us~Jennifer