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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Septemer 2011

Well it been over a month since I wrote into my blogg.  I started a new job which has taken up most of my time.  I really like my new job because it is something I am really an expert in and the work is easy.  I also work with some very nice and talented people, lucky me. 

Dog update, I had Juliette spayed as she is really almost blind.  What a shame since she is truly a beautiful dog.  I traveled to Charlottesville again and got Lizzy.  Here is Juliette trying to figure out who she is and what is going on.   Lizzy is every bit a champion dog.  She fit into the pack the first day.  I did not even have to use the crate for her.  She is especially fond of the cats.  Who would have guessed. 

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